Our philosophy

Extra virgin olive oil means an acidity lower than 0,8% per 100 g but most of the olive oil we produce is usually 0,4%. We use no pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides in our groves nor do we add any chemicals or solvents in our bottles. We obtain olive oil directly from olives without any processing and we extract it solely by mechanical means within 24 hours after the harvest in order to acquire the least acidic oil with the fruitiest flavor. Cold extraction (maximum 28 degrees Celsium) is taking place is certified organic production factory units. Cotton sacks are employed for the olive harvest and stainless steel containers for the storage in order to best preserve the olive oil high nutritional value and its unique texture, color, aroma and taste. We follow diligently the natural circle of life of the olive tree: immediately after the harvest we trim and prune the trees and occasionally use organic fertilizers in order to nurture them with all that is necessary for their healthy maintenance. Quality, not quantity is our primary concern.


Θεοφιλο Χατζημιχαηλ Το Λιομαζωμα

Theophilos, The Olive Harvest, 1923